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About Us

Snip is an innovative move in advertisement industry. It focuses on promoting and providing retail offers to all type of customers. This is a platform for companies and retailers to exhibit and promote their products and services. To customers it is the window which helps them to find out best retail offers and services available in their locality and anywhere.

We believe in quality, value of money & time. Our clocks function to deliver you the very best at the right time at the right place. We want clients to be so happy with the solutions and services we provide that they'll use us time after time and tell others about how great we are.

We also focus on retail promotion. So we understand the importance of knowing what consumers search for and buy. That’s our passion and the very heart of our business. Whether your business is a multinational enterprise or a single storefront, we believe innovation is the key to success, in both what you create and how you market your products and services. That’s why we continue to develop better solutions to help you meet the needs of today’s consumers, and find out where they’re headed next. Let’s join hands to create brilliant, insightful and practical offers.

Best in offers First in promotion


To be passionate in promoting and providing the best retail offers to our customers and help them save time and money.


In a world of stiff competition our focus is on customer satisfaction thereby to become a force to reckon with innovative retail offer searching and shopping techniques..

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